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Video interviews for Amadeus

In addition to our video team, cameras, lights & sound recording equipment, we also provide full scripting and storyboard services. Preparation is the key to successful video production. We like to keep interviews short and to the point: 3 minutes is ideal.

Amadeus Airline Distribution 'Tech Talks' series

Interviews in the 'Tech Talks' series present technical innovations and trends in the airline distribution sector of the travel industry. We have produced 5 videos in this ongoing series as of October 2016.

Amadeus NECSE 'MPO Talks: 90 seconds with...' series

The 'MPO Talks' series is principally aimed at communicating information about evolving practices in Amadeus' Northern, Eastern and Central European market. The interviews are scripted so that they last only 90 seconds, indicated by an on-screen clock.